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Favorite Hard Rock Band

Which is your favorite 80s/early 90s Hard Rock or Hair Metal band?

It's a really tough call but my vote's for Whitesnake. David Coverdale has a great voice and the band has played with two of my favorite guitarists ever: John Sykes and Steve Vai.

Whitesnake has killer albums,...

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Best 80s Rock And Metal Music Festivals

As much as we love listening to our favorite 80s rock and metal bands on the radio or on our different devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, mp3 player, CD player), nothing beats watching our favorite 80s and early 90s hard rock and hair metal bands perform live. And as much as we want to admit it or...

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What Makes Internet Radio Better Than FM Radio

Every day more listeners and music lovers are migrating from FM radio stations to internet radio stations or satellite radio. The reasons are pretty relevant and obvious. Here are some:

Programming and musical diversity:

While that FM radio stations do not care, or are just frightened...

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